How to Peel and Cut Onions Without Tears

How do you cut an onion without tears? Yes, it is indeed possible to cut an onion without crying. When an onion is cut, its plant cells produce and release an enzyme, which in turn promotes the release of a volatile substance and irritates our eyes. The eyes, in order to dilute and remove the irritant, produces more tears.  Resourcefulus gives you these useful tips on how to peel and cut onions without crying.


1.   Chew gum. The act of working the facial muscles while peeling onions will cause less gas release coming into your eyes.

2.  Use a sharp knife. The more fine and precise your cutting knife is, the less chance you can crush the onion and consequently, less irritating gas is released.

3.     While peeling or cutting the onion, open the tap so that water runs down to it. From this, cut the onion down this stream of water, will thus irritating substance down the drain along with the water that is flowing, when it is released.

4.     Peel and cut the onion into a bowl filled with water.Following the same principle as above, with the advantage that this method, and more efficient, will save water.

5.     Turn on a fan at your side and pointed in the direction transverse to the onion so that the gas does not come into your eyes

6.     Wear swimming goggles. The drawback of this method is having to stop from time to time to wipe the droplets that were impregnated and glasses fogging up. Sunglasses can also be used.

7.     Before cutting the onion, freeze it. This is ideal for those who already know what the menu will be the next day. The low temperature will reduce the gas formed during cutting, thus reducing the irritation of the eyes.

8.    Wash the onions with warm water or running water before cutting

9.     Peel and chop the onion with the tongue out. It may be an unpleasant method, but it is effective, because your tongue will capture the onion droplets before they reach the eyes.

10.    While peeling the onion, hold a match with your teeth. The principle is the same as the previous tip.

11.      Finally, do everything at once : peel into a bowl, with the fan on, wearing goggles over sunglasses, freeze the onion, washed with hot water and hold a match with your teeth.

12.     Save your tears for life’s happy moments!